Florida has 1,350 miles of oceanic coastline and more lakes and rivers than you can count.

Come join me for an eco-paddling adventure that will be great exercise and educational!

If you have never tried a kayak or paddleboard before, that’s ok! I can show you how to navigate the waterways safely and
competently in a short time. Would you like to see manatees in Crystal River, dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, or alligators in lakes and rivers?

Florida boasts a unique environment full of aquatic creatures and tropical birds.

Tours will consist of information about the plants and animals you will see, and in many places there are areas where you can get out and swim.

Tour prices will vary based on location and length of time, but start as low as $50/ person.

Tours can run from 3 hours up to 10+ hours, and overnight island camping trips can be arranged as well.

Contact Derek to arrange your paddling tour.