Spearfishing is a sustainable and fun way to harvest fish.

Humans have been spearfishing long before dive gear was introduced and is a fast-growing sport within the scuba and freediving communities. With spearfishing there is no by-catch, no catching species that were not targeted or out of season, and best of all, its a day in the water! Florida has some of the best spearfishing in the world with species such as lionfish, grouper, hogfish, amberjack, and many more, there is a type of fish that almost anyone will enjoy. State and federal regulations change so knowledge of the body of water you are in and species identification/ size limits are extremely important to protect yourself and sustain the current populations of fish.

Spearfishing Courses Offered :

Classroom sessions are offered to identify proper species and sizes of fish that can be hunted in the Gulf and Atlantic *Note-there are different regulations for each coast*

Confined water shooting practice to work on technique, reloading, and keeping your catch

How and where to navigate on reefs and wrecks to safely and confidently hunt

Classes can be done either freediving or on scuba gear

Priced at $225 per person which includes all classroom work, confined water gun training, and the charter boat, you keep all the fish you shoot within size and bag limits. Total time will be about 8-10 hours (one full day or two half-days depending on boat scheduling, half days can be split up if needed)

Military, first responder, and group discounts are available, inquire when booking.

Contact Derek with any questions.